[Gfoss] dwg

Beppe gpatt at tiscali.it
Fri Mar 10 11:54:45 CET 2006

Un dubbio:

La Associate Membership alla OpenDWG Alliance, come riporto, è gratis e
consente di ridistribuire le librerie a patto che venga fatto per scopi
non commerciali (quali grass). Perché non è possibile allora incorporare
direttamente v.in.dwg che non sarebbe altro che un'applicazione comunque
distribuita "for free" attraverso il world wide web?

    * */Associate Membership is free/*.
    * *You may incorporate the Open Design Alliance libraries into
      programs that are used within your organization or school, or are
      distributed for free to the general public via the Worldwide
      Web.*  You may not, however, distribute these programs in any
      commercial fashion, or in conjunction with any other commercial
      software applications. (This membership level is also appropriate
      if you are developing commercial application programs
      incorporating our libraries, but are not shipping. At such time as
      you are ready to ship, you may upgrade to a higher membership level.)
    * Access to the Open Design Forum on this web site, where you may
      interact with, and get help from, other Alliance members.
    * Notification of Open Design Alliance news.
    * You are eligible to receive premium support from the Open Design
      Alliance technical staff, by purchasing an annual support contract.

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