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Traduttori cercasi!

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  New announcement in the project OSGeoLive Documentation

Nicolas Roelandt (Personnel)
<https://www.transifex.com/user/profile/baka.niko/> posted the following

* OSGeoLive 14.0 translation effort
<https://www.transifex.com/osgeo/osgeolive/announcements/12230/> *

Hello OSGeoLive documentation team!

OSGeoLive 14.0 is aimed to be released at the end of January 2021.
We reached alpha2, new projects have been included and documentations

We don't except major changes now in the files except for typos that might
been discovered during the translation process.
So now is the good moment to help us translate OSGeoLive.
And we would like to thank you for that.

Hungarian and Spanish are almost complete, German, French and Japanese are
very advanced and other languages are making great progress.
So thanks and please keep the effort.

We would like also to draw your attention on Sphinx syntax.
It is used to emphasis words or display links.
Please take care of them by keeping the syntax as close as possible to the
Especially if you use the automated translation that does not understand it
and will try to make it similar to your language typographical rules.

Those commands needs to be precede by a space to recognize by Sphinx.
So if your language does not work this spaces, leave spaces before Sphinx

We will display some examples below.


Nicolas for the OSGeoLive Translation Team

Original string (emphasis)
Choose *'Start deegree'* from the :menuselection:`Geospatial --> Web
Services --> deegree` menu. The application will take a few moments to
start up.

In French :
Choisissez *'Start deegree'* à partir du menu :menuselection:`Geospatial
--> Web Services --> deegree`. Le démarrage de l’application prendra
quelques instants.

Original string (a link)
Try to use the Routing feature. See the `Marble documentation <
https://docs.kde.org/trunk5/en/kdeedu/marble/index.html>`_ for help.
In French :
Essayez d’utiliser la fonction Routage. Voir la documentation
`documentation de Marble <
https://docs.kde.org/trunk5/en/kdeedu/marble/index.html>`_ pour obtenir de

Original string (a link)
See the `Marble homepage <https://marble.kde.org/>`_ for more information.

In French :
Voir la page d’accueil de `Marble <https://marble.kde.org/>`_ pour plus

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