[Gfoss] gvSIG Festival: First virtual gvSIG Conference is coming!

Paolo Cavallini cavallini a faunalia.it
Mar 3 Maggio 2016 14:09:13 CEST

Bell'idea, complimenti!

Il 3 maggio 2016 13:56:52 CEST, gvSIG News Office <press at gvsig.com> ha scritto:
> From May 23rd to 27th there’s an event that you can’t miss: the first 
>gvSIG Festival. In this case it doesn’t matter where you live or even 
>what language you speak since you will be able to attend (virtually) 
>more than twenty webinars in different languages.
>An idea that we were thinking about during the last months was to show 
>varied experiences and in different languages, removing the limitations
>of the events in an only place. And this take us to this first gvSIG 
>At this first edition, some colleagues of the gvSIG Community will tell
>us about some experiences related to the gvSIG technology (gvSIG 
>Desktop, Online, Roads…). At the next edition we will open a period for
>sending proposals to convert it in a more global and open event.
>There will be presentations in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, 
>Turkish and Russian, and we will count with speakers and works
>in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Spain, United States of 
>America, France, India, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Paraguay, Russia, 
>Somaliland, Turkey y Uruguay.
>They will speak about how the gvSIG technology can be applied in 
>different themes like mental health, civil protection, cooperation, 
>historic studies, roads management, acoustic analysis, hydrology, 
>tourism, urban analysis…, in conclusion about how gvSIG can help to
>the needs of the society and improve the life of the inhabitants of the
>The webinar platform allows to connect to the webinars from any 
>operating system.
>You can consult the complete program in: http://www.gvsig.com/festival,
>and the information about how to register at the webinars will be 
>available soon.
>In case you can't see some of the webinars, they will be published at 
>the gvSIG Youtube channel soon.
>See you at the gvSIG Festival!
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