[Gfoss] gvSIG Festival: First virtual gvSIG Conference is coming!

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Mar 3 Maggio 2016 13:56:52 CEST

 From May 23rd to 27th there’s an event that you can’t miss: the first 
gvSIG Festival. In this case it doesn’t matter where you live or even 
what language you speak since you will be able to attend (virtually) 
more than twenty webinars in different languages.

An idea that we were thinking about during the last months was to show 
varied experiences and in different languages, removing the limitations 
of the events in an only place. And this take us to this first gvSIG 

At this first edition, some colleagues of the gvSIG Community will tell 
us about some experiences related to the gvSIG technology (gvSIG 
Desktop, Online, Roads…). At the next edition we will open a period for 
sending proposals to convert it in a more global and open event.

There will be presentations in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, 
Turkish and Russian, and we will count with speakers and works developed 
in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Spain, United States of 
America, France, India, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Paraguay, Russia, 
Somaliland, Turkey y Uruguay.

They will speak about how the gvSIG technology can be applied in 
different themes like mental health, civil protection, cooperation, 
historic studies, roads management, acoustic analysis, hydrology, 
tourism, urban analysis…, in conclusion about how gvSIG can help to meet 
the needs of the society and improve the life of the inhabitants of the 

The webinar platform allows to connect to the webinars from any 
operating system.

You can consult the complete program in: http://www.gvsig.com/festival, 
and the information about how to register at the webinars will be 
available soon.

In case you can't see some of the webinars, they will be published at 
the gvSIG Youtube channel soon.

See you at the gvSIG Festival!

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