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Davide Petrucci davide.petrucci78 a gmail.com
Sab 25 Lug 2015 03:04:35 CEST

Ciao a tutti una funzione molto utile potrebbe essere quella di dare la
possibilità tramite le api di spostare i layer raster di un certo valore x
y e z, sapete dirmi se é fattibile o se magari già esiste?
Ciao Davide.
Il 22/Lug/2015 09:13, "Paolo Cavallini" <cavallini a faunalia.it> ha scritto:

> Ewwiwa!
> --------  Messaggio Inoltrato --------
> QGIS is a user friendly Open Source Geographic Information System
> that runs on Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, and Windows.
> We are very pleased to announce the release of QGIS 2.10 'Pisa'. Pisa
> was the
> host city to our developer meet up in March 2010.
> Latest Release
> This is another release following our four monthly schedule.  It again
> brings
> many nice new features to QGIS.  With the release of 2.10 the previous
> release
> 2.8 'Wien', which is designated a long term release (LTR) is moved to
> the long
> term package repositories and is the first to arrive there.  If you are
> working
> in a production environment where you wish to be more conservative about
> rolling out new features to your users, you will probably prefer those.  Of
> course going with the feature frozen LTR also means that you'll have to
> learn
> to do without all the nice new things introduced in 2.10 and above until
> the
> next long term is released next year.
> New Features in QGIS 2.10 'Pisa'
> QGIS 2.10 includes many great new features, tweaks and enhancements to
> make the
> most popular Free desktop GIS even more feature filled and useful.
> Visit the
> visual changelog that highlights some of the new additions
> (http://qgis.org/en/site/forusers/visualchangelog210/index.html).
> Whenever new features are added to software they introduce the
> possibility of
> new bugs - if you encounter any problems with this release, please file a
> ticket on the QGIS Bug Tracker (http://hub.qgis.org).
> The source code and binaries for Windows, Debian and Ubuntu are already
> available via the large download link on our home page: http://qgis.org.
>  More
> packages will follow as soon as the package maintainers finish their work.
> Please revisit the page if your platform is not available yet.
> Thanks
> We would like to thank the developers, documenters, testers and all the
> many
> folks out there who volunteer their time and effort (or fund people to
> do so).
> From the QGIS community we hope you enjoy this release! If you wish to
> donate
> time, money or otherwise get involved in making QGIS more awesome, please
> wander along to qgis.org and lend a hand!
> Finally we would like to thank our official sponsors for the invaluable
> financial support they provide to this project:
>     GOLD Sponsor: Asia Air Survey, Japan
>     SILVER Sponsor: Sourcepole AG, Switzerland
>     SILVER Sponsor: State of Vorarlberg, Austria
>     SILVER Sponsor: Office of Public Works, Ireland, Ireland
>     BRONZE Sponsor: GeoSynergy, Australia
>     BRONZE Sponsor: Gaia3D, South Korea
>     BRONZE Sponsor: Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, UK
>     BRONZE Sponsor: Chartwell Consultants Ltd, Canada
>     BRONZE Sponsor: Trage Wegen vzw, Belgium
>     BRONZE Sponsor: GFI - Gesellschaft für Informationstechnologie mbH,
> Germany
>     BRONZE Sponsor: GKG Kassel,(Dr.-Ing. Claas Leiner), Germany
>     BRONZE Sponsor: GIS-Support, Poland
>     BRONZE Sponsor: ADLARES GmbH, Germany
>     BRONZE Sponsor: www.molitec.it, Italy
>     BRONZE Sponsor: www.argusoft.de, Germany
>     BRONZE Sponsor: Customer Analytics, USA
>     BRONZE Sponsor: Avioportolano Italia, Italy
>     BRONZE Sponsor: Faculty of Geology, Geophysics and Environmental
>                     Protection, AGH, University of Science and Technology,
>                     Poland
>     BRONZE Sponsor: Urbsol, Australia
>     BRONZE Sponsor: MappingGIS, Spain
>     BRONZE Sponsor: GIS3W, Italy
>     BRONZE Sponsor: Lutra Consulting, UK
>     BRONZE Sponsor: www.openrunner.com, France
> A current list of donors who have made financial contributions large and
> small
> to the project can be seen on our donors list. If you would like to
> become and
> official project sponsor, please visit our sponsorship page for details.
> Sponsoring QGIS helps us to fund our six monthly developer meetings,
> maintain
> project infrastructure and fund bug fixing efforts.
> QGIS is Free software and you are under no obligation to pay anything to
> use it
> - in fact we want to encourage people far and wide to use it regardless
> of what
> your financial or social status is - we believe empowering people with
> spatial
> decision making tools will result in a better society for all of humanity.
> Happy QGISing!
> Regards,
> The QGIS Team!
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