[Gfoss] New gvSIG Desktop 2.5.1 version available

gvSIG Project press a gvsig.com
Mar 3 Nov 2020 13:00:57 CET

gvSIG Desktop 2.5.1, a new version that includes many new features, 
especially related to alphanumeric data management and advanced editing, 
is now available.

gvSIG Desktop 2.5.1 is available at the downloads page [1] of the 
project website.

What novelties does it bring?

At the International gvSIG Conference [2] there will be several 
presentations in which part of these novelties will be announced and, in 
the coming days, we will publish several posts on the blog to show 
everything new that gvSIG Desktop 2.5.1 brings. Stay alert!

[1] http://www.gvsig.com/en/products/gvsig-desktop/downloads
[2] http://www.gvsig.com/en/16th-international-gvsig-conference1

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