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vi segnalo questo articolo in cui vengono indicati quali sono i principali
software che erogano servizi ogc e altre info..


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Hi All,
At the risk of engaging in self-promotion, this may be of interest to
the community.

I've just finished an analysis of what geospatial server software's
behind the ~2.2 million WMS/WFS/WCS/WMTS datasets that GeoSeer has in
its search-engine index.

The extremely short version of things likely of interest here:

* ArcGIS has by far the most deployments: 2,755 (53.70%); other
proprietary is a rounding error.

* GeoServer is the second most popular for deployments (964 (18.79%)),
and hosts by far the most datasets: 963,603 (43.26%).

* MapServer has a very healthy deployment count too: 544 (10.6%), and
serves a considerable number of datasets: 389,709 (17.49%).

* Put another way, at least 2/3rds of the world's geospatial data that's
served via OGC standards is served by Open Source software (mostly
OSGeo). And over 60% between GeoServer and MapServer alone.

* So basically it looks like many city/county/provincials have an ArcGIS
Server install and use that for (occasionally token!) compliance with
"open data" edicts, but the full-on SDI data warehouses almost all go
for Open Source.

You can find (much) more detail (+ numbers for a bunch of the other
OSGeo projects) in the (ad-free, tracking-free, cookie-free,
javascript-free, in fact both free and Free!) blog post:

So yes, good job to everyone who contributes in any way to all these
projects! Hopefully this reinforces how useful they are; maybe you can
use it in future work-bids too (its the sort of thing that reassures
management). Could also be be useful when it comes to figuring out where
limited OSGeo funds will have most impact.

Comments/thoughts/discussion/feedback welcome (on or off list).

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