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MapBox passa da licenza BSD a licenza chiusa.

MapBox รจ morto, viva MapLibre

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Hello OSGeo,

Some of you may have heard about yesterday's announcement regarding Mapbox
GL JS v2 having a license change[1] from BSD into a closed license. Since
Mapbox GL JS v1.13 is still Open Source (BSD), several people forked the
main repository to continue with the project.

Today, a few community members met to coordinate those initiatives and
agreed to use the "MapLibre" name as the Github and NPM namespaces to host
the library's future development.

One of the objectives pointed out during the meeting was to contact and
start establishing a relationship with the OSGeo Foundation so hence this
email :-)

I think I can speak in the name of everyone that met today, to thank and
acknowledge Mapbox for the amazing job done in the library and the Open
Source world, respecting their decision, and hoping they maintain their
commitment to the vast number of many other Open Source libraries and
components they have developed over the years.

You can find more details about MapLibre in this initial coordinating
document[2]. If you are interested in this effort, please keep an eye on
the document, feel free to join the communication channels that suit you,
and stay tuned for a first release of the library under the MapLibre name.


[1] https://github.com/mapbox/mapbox-gl-js/issues/10162
Jorge Sanz
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