[Gfoss] Webinar about "gvSIG Suite: open source software for agriculture – Technology and case studies” (February 15)

Mario Carrera mcarrera a gvsig.com
Gio 8 Feb 2018 09:41:24 CET

GODAN and gvSIG Association invite you to join the webinar about “gvSIG 
Suite: open source software for geographic information management in 
agriculture – Technology and case studies“, in February 15th at 2PM GMT.

This webinar will deal with the gvSIG Suite, the whole catalog of open 
source software solutions offered by the gvSIG Association, and case 
studies about forestry and agriculture of the different products.

Registrations are free of charge and they are available from: 

You can check the local time in your country for the webinar in [1]

We look forward to welcome you all.

Best regards,



*Mario Carrera*

Training, Language and Communication Manager. gvSIG Association

Responsable de Formación, Internacionalización y Difusión. Asociación gvSIG

http://www.gvsig.com <http://www.gvsig.com/>

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