[Gfoss] FOSS4G-IT 2018

Jeff McKenna jmckenna a gatewaygeomatics.com
Ven 15 Set 2017 19:45:29 CEST

Hi everyone!

I noticed today some news about FOSS4G-IT 2018 
(http://foss4g-it2018.gfoss.it/), but I had not seen it here on this list.

Great news!

Some thoughts:

- I wonder if the domain http://foss4g.it/ could be changed to point to 
the 2018 page

- I hope the 2017 logo (with the ribbon wrapping around the "I") can be 
adapted for 2018 as well.  It's a great logo!

Thanks for this wonderful news of another FOSS4G-IT event!!!


Jeff McKenna
President Emeritus, OSGeo Foundation

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