[Gfoss] Qgis auto updates like Firefox

Paolo Cavallini cavallini a faunalia.it
Gio 8 Ott 2015 09:53:28 CEST

Il 08/10/2015 09:39, falcerisimone at inwind.it ha scritto:
> Hello folks,
> In Qgis, is possible to implement in menĂ¹ Help, "Check your Qgis version" a 
> button "Update Qgis" in SILENT_MODE like Mozilla Firefox?
> The idea is avoiding to having download entire package by hundreds MB for 
> every update, but downloading only libraries updated, new functions, new code 
> etc...
> In some words: "Update Qgis in real time"

Yes, this has been discussed before. Besides the technical and privacy
issues, the main stumbling block is the lack of manpower to implement it.
All the best, and thanks.

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