[Gfoss] New final version of i3Geo available: i3Geo 6.0

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Ven 22 Maggio 2015 13:03:22 CEST

A new final version of i3Geo has been released: i3Geo 6.0.

This build can be downloaded from the i3Geo project section at the 
gvsig.org website [1], and it includes several new features.

i3Geo is an application for the development of interactive web maps. It 
integrates several open source applications into a single development 
platform, mainly Mapserver and OpenLayers, and it allows the user to 
have better control over the map output, allowing to modify the legend 
of layers, to apply filters, to perform analysis, etc.

For any doubt about this version you can use the i3Geo mailing list: 

[1] http://www.gvsig.com/en/products/i3geo/downloads

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