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Sandro Santilli strk a keybit.net
Lun 16 Mar 2015 16:21:21 CET

IGN cerca tirocinante per semplificare l'editing topologico in PostGIS.
Giro in lista sperando di fare cosa gradita.


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Hey dear Lists
(apologies for cross post).
We are *looking for an intern* (4-6 months) to work on PostGIS topology in
our research lab near Paris.
We are in a *hurry*.

The subject is about facilitating *user editing **of a PostGIS topology*
base trough triggers, same for topogeometries, then the creation of a
web site* for simple web-based topology edition.

All the edition part will be database triggers (plpgsql).
Any GIS will work as GUI (providing it knows how to edit postgis geometry
layer), but the demonstration website will be openlayers or leaflet.
Of course it will be *open source.*

Here is the precise subject (in french)

We welcome English speaking candidates (if somebody is interested, I can
translate the precise internship proposition).

I really hope we can find somebody to work on this, as it addresses key
needs of PostGIS topology, and would really improve it's usability.


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