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Se qualcuno si vuol cimentare nel recupero ed analisi dei dati di download fa cosa utile e gradita. Con questi potremo calcolare il rapporto donazioni/download.
Grazie in anticipo.

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Hi Alexander,

On Wed, 04. Mar 2015 at 19:31:03 +0200, Alexander Bruy wrote:
> AFAIK, there is an awstats.pl on the qgis.org site, e.g.
> http://www.qgis.org/cgi-bin/awstats.pl?month=08&year=2014&output=urldetail&config=qgis&framename=index

> But as I understand, it gives inaccurate results, as it does not count
> OSGeo4W installs, Linux and Mac OS.

I think it doesn't even count standalone downloads.  qgis.org just redirects to
the downloads of the current version to download.osgeo.org (2/3) and norbit.de
(1/3) - and redirects are not metered by awstats.pl.

But download.osgeo.org also runs awstats.pl.   Standalone and OSGeo4W stable
downloads for 12/2014:


awstats.pl on qgis.org should show the numbers for our debian/ubuntu packages.


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