[Gfoss] "Why ESRI is responsible for most of the bad topology in the world today"

Piergiorgio Cipriano pg.cipriano a gmail.com
Gio 16 Lug 2015 10:55:28 CEST

Interessante ...


As I try to learn more about this new wave of ArcGIS Pro I have been
surfing the Internet and found this presentation on ArcGIS Pro.


What caught my eye was the statement that the first release of ArcGIS Pro
will not have the ability to validate topology. For the old-timers reading
this you probably used UNIX or Workstation ArcInfo and realize that you
used to not be able to make topologically incorrect GIS data. With the
release of ArcView the ability to validate topology disappeared and hence a
lot of bad data was created by millions of users. My motto is I never trust
any GIS data I get from any source and 5 times out of 10 when you validate
it you find it is basically crap in a topological sense.

I got pretty excited with the release of ArcGIS 8.0 as ESRI released it
with the ability to validate topology again. Wow this was great. But
someone, not sure who, decided that the user would only get topology
validation tools with the ArcEditor or ArcInfo versions and not the ArcGIS
Desktop version. To me this was a pretty bad decision as it still lets
users make bad data and there are more desktop users due to the cost of the

Now with the release of ArcGIS Pro 10.3 we have no topology tools at all.
Sure, I bet a team of smart people at ESRI are working to add topology to
the next release. But what really concerns me is that ArcGIS Pro will also
have three levels of functionality. Based on previous experience, one would
suspect that at the basic level you will not be able to validate topology

So if anyone from ESRI reads this I appeal to you to let all levels of
ArcGIS Pro have the ability to validate topology. I would go so far as to
say that it would be really cool that when a user tried to save their edits
a big screen would pop-up and say, hey person, you have topology errors and
you need to fix them. Just like the old ArcInfo would have done when you
did clean and build.

I noted that QGIS has topology validation tools although I did read
somewhere that if the data set is really big and topology really bad a user
may have to use GRASS to clean up the mess. So maybe you need to learn then
two different open source packages to be really sure about this. Just what
a entry level GIS user needs to do to make good data all the time right.


Piergiorgio Cipriano
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