[Gfoss] Fwd: [Qgis-user] Proposal to enhance table handling in QGIS 2.12

Paolo Cavallini cavallini a faunalia.it
Gio 9 Lug 2015 11:53:28 CEST

Una proposta per il miglioramento della gestione delle tabelle.
Se qualcuno e' interessato, contribuisca.
Saluti, e grazie.

-------- Messaggio Inoltrato --------

At the QGIS meeting in Denmark I discussed with Nyall Dawson some
interesting table improvements in print composer.

Now he sent me a quote handling the following improvements:

  * Better handling of long text content in table cells, including
    several text-wrapping or shortening options
  * Improved background color options for rows/columns, separate for
    even/odd rows/columns, header, first/last rows/columns
  * Data-defined background color options for individual table cells
    with expressions

All of the above improvements will help a lot with Atlas serial
printing, but also for individual layouts and will allow very flexible
styling of the tables.

My employer can finance only one of the three options. I am looking for
organizations financing the other two options. All improvements come
with unit tests and will also be compatible/useful for the upcoming
planned print composer rewrite.

If you are interested in these improvements and can help financing
these, please contact me. I can then send you the detailed quote. The
quote also contains some mockups how this would look like in the GUI.

Thanks and greetings,

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