[Gfoss] Fwd: My God: plugin palette disappeared :(

Geo DrinX geodrinx a gmail.com
Ven 7 Mar 2014 11:43:56 CET


inoltro il messaggio che ho inviato alla lista qgis-developer,  sperando
che qualcuno, anche su GFoss, sappia come risolvere il mio problema.

Mi scuso del disturbo e vi ringrazio per qualunque info a riguardo


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Subject: My God: plugin palette disappeared :(
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Hello all,

this morning I had a bad surprise in my QGis 2.2 64 bit  on  Windows 7 :

the plugin palette disappeared, and there is no way to find it, or to make
it reappear.

Someone other had same problem ?

I have seen in   View > Tools  >  Plugins   checkbox, but it is checked  (
ON ).

I have also seen in  "Impostazioni" > "Personalizzazione"  (sorry, my QGis
is in italian...)  and  "Toolbars"  "mPluginToolBar"   is also ON.

But,  the plugin toolbar  is not shown, in any place.

I moved all other Toolbar, to search if the Plugins toolbar was hidden
under another.   No.   It is probably in the "HiperSpace"   :)

Also, I tried to re-install completely  QGis 2.2.  :   nothing changed.

Could somebody help me.    Need I to switch to some other Arc program   ?

I am joking, but I don't know how to use QGis, now,   also to test my own
plugins  :(

Thank you for any help

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