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Paolo Cavallini cavallini a faunalia.it
Mar 3 Giu 2014 17:49:27 CEST

Una bella novita' in QGIS: e' ora possibile condividere (caricare e scaricare)
modelli e script per Processing (il framework analitico di QGIS).
Ovviamente e' una funzione appena nata, ci sara' da migliorarla.
Intanto, chi ha scripts e modelli interessanti provi a caricarli, e riferisca (qui o
su qgis-dev) in caso trovi difficolta' o problemi.

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I have just uploaded a first version of a tool to manage Processing resources
(basically models and scripts)

You will find tools named "Get scripts/models from on-line repository" in the scripts
and models branches of the toolbox. They open a dialog where you can select the
elements to install/uninstall, similar to the plugin manager

Scripts and models are stored in a repo named QGIS-Processing under the QGIS
organization. I recommend all people with scripts/models that they want to share, to
make pull requests against that repo.

I have added the scripts by Michael and Vincent there, to add some intitial content
(I haven't added any model yet). Please, let me know if you do not want them to be
shared there.

There is a list.txt with some info about the resources available. It's created
automatically by running the create_lists.py script, and it acts like an easy to
retrieve index, so there is no need to browse all the content and extract metadata
from the help files.

In the help files, there is now a ALG_VERSION element to indicate a version, which is
1.0 if it is not provided. That allows the interface to know if a script/model is up
to date or not.

Notice that the format for help files is now json. That solves the issue that some
people reported, cause by trying to unpickle the help description. I have converted
the help files for the scripts that I added to the repo, using the help_converter.py
script. Feel free to use it for your own scripts if needed (I might remove it from
this repo, since i a not sure it belongs here...maybe better put it as a gist)

Things to discuss from now: How do we classify the algorithms? How do we allow people
to add new scripts? The pull request mechanism might be too complex for some people,
and the GitHub API allows to add a new file and a comit to a repo, so we can probably
simplify it.

Ideas are welcome. This is just a first try done in a couple of nights so there is
plenty of room for improvement.

Thanks in advance!

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