[Gfoss] SEGNALAZIONE RISORSA: GEOPUBLISHER ( An atlas authoring system, platform-independent and Open-Source)

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Lun 24 Feb 2014 14:34:51 CET

Cari Tutti,

vi segnalo la risorsa "Geopublisher" (inglese, francese, tedesco).


Geopublisher is an atlas authoring system which allows easy publication of maps (geo-data), documents, images, videos, and statistics in form of digital multimedia atlases. These atlases can be understood as minimal, pre-configured end-user GIS which offer selected functionality only where its meaningful. Atlases can be directly published on CD, DVD, memory stick, external hard-drive or the Internet. The software is platform-independent and Open-Source (http://de.geopublishing.org/Lizenzen).

AtlasStyler is a graphical desktop tool to style raw geodata into nice maps. It produces OGC SLD/Symbology Encoding files, that can also be used in Geoserver or other WMS.

The Geopublishing.org project web page features documentation, online tutorials, user- and developer mailing lists, and the Geopublishing blog, as well as a collection of publicly available demo atlases.

Cari saluti,

P.S. Mi scuso se "condivido" senza una preparato una adeguata "recensione"... Spero di provvedere in tal senso al piĆ¹ presto possibile!

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