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Non so quanto sia effettivamente utile. Se qualcuno ha notizie piu' dettagliate, ci
aiuta a capire se e' importnate dare una mano.

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This is not directly related to QGIS, but thought it was important enough to post.
I'll ask for forgiveness later. Most if not all of you are familiar with OSM, and
many of you, I'm sure, are contributors, so you may already be aware of the this
effort. If you have never contributed; thought about it and just never found the
time; or haven't logged in for a while, I would encourage you to read the Red Cross
article and visit the open tasks page. This is a worthwhile effort to participate in,
and each of us have the necessary skills to rapidly create the data that is needed. I
spent some time just a few hours ago digitizing huts and pathways in rural Sierra
Leone. It's easy and free to get involved to contribute mapping support for a good cause.

Red Cross Article

OSM Task Page <http://tasks.hotosm.org/>

Thanks for taking the time to read,

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