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Volevo segnalare la splendida presentazione tenuta da Markus Neteler
al FOSS4GCEE, relativa ai 30 anni di FOSS4G.
Davvero interessantissima, complimenti!
Sfortunatamente solo le slide per ora: Markus, pensi che vengano messi
i video di Bucarest su qualche canale streaming, a beneficio di chi
non ha potuto partecipare, me incluso?



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Very rude of me to forget: Markus' textbook-like history of FOSS4G
keynote. He researched into our 30 year history, emailing people for
details, digging into internet archives...it's really something that he
has produced.  This is exactly opposite of a copy/paste presentation.
Everyone should review it:

Again, thanks to the CEE local organizers (the fun geo-spatial.org
team).  Enjoy your recovery mission.


On 2013-06-25 1:50 PM, Jeff McKenna wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I noticed several others have commented on the success of last week's
> FOSS4G-CEE event (maybe on another list, sorry I am terrible handling
> cross-posts with my email client, so I tend to send to one list at a
> time only): great reviews by Markus, Jachym, and Gerald.
> My brain is finally starting to come back online now, and I want to add
> to the praise for FOSS4G-CEE-Bucharest.  Some highlights:
> - wonderful event location (National library of Romania)
> - passionate vision of Vasile, the chair (he would get about 2 hours of
> sleep each night and then be at the venue organizing before others
> arrive next morning, each day)
> - good sized event (~220 attendees)
> - focus on workshops for OSGeo projects (Cameron would be happy to hear
> that the LOC relied heavily on the wonderful OSGeo-Live project)
> - LOC really focused and stressed to the speakers and keynotes that the
> goal of this event is for the students, to learn, to share, to grow.  I
> was very impressed with this vision, and I hope other FOSS4G local
> committees take note.
> - Dirk Frigne's keynote on Open Source geospatial business models and
> our ecosystem was, such a highlight, and he should be asked to speak
> about this at every FOSS4G event.  It's a call to action and Dirk is a
> leader.
> - social events organized for each night, and a default location (pub's
> patio) was always available to meet at
> - most importantly: the Romanians were wonderful gracious hosts.  I was
> treated like royalty.  It was so very nice to experience such a
> beautiful country.
> Just like the recent FOSS4G-BA event, I found the CEE-Bucharest event to
> feel like the early days of FOSS4G, the energy, the passion, the
> excitement to share.  All of the LOC for CEE-Bucharest need a big pat on
> the back (and a week of recovery) for a wonderful international event.
> And hint: the momentum will continue...
> -jeff
> (what a great year of FOSS4G events we have on the calendar for 2013.
> we should all be proud)

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