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A differenza dei "nostri" db topografici [1] in Olanda hanno scritto nero
su bianco la data entro cui "the entire government" dovra' usare la stessa
base topografica (1/2/2017).
E, soprattutto, hanno stabilito che l'intera BGT sara' disponibile come
open data, per usi sia interni che esterni all'amministrazione pubblica.



Piergiorgio Cipriano

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Netherlands: Bill for Large Scale Topography (BGT) adopted by parliament
On July 4th, the House approved the bill for 'Basic Registration for Large
Scale Topography (BGT).' The BGT is a legally-mandated key registry to
ensure a consistent topographic base for the Netherlands, which includes
topographical data such as the location of roads, water, railways,
buildings and land. The BGT is intended for wide use, both inside and
outside the government and is available as Open Data.

At present, there are several base maps in operation, and these are not
consistent throughout the country; various organizations use different
maps. The BGT will be jointly created and used, replacing other base
maps on a uniform basis.  Municipalities, provinces, water boards,
government, local authorities, National Service (Ministry of Economic
Affairs) and Defense Infrastructure Agency all will have a role in the
conversion to the BGT and updating of the base map.

The BGT is not yet ready, but should be by 1 January 2016. From January 1,
2017, the entire government must use the BGT.

See also: The Large Scale Topographic Base Map of the Netherlands (GBKN):
The Transition from a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) to a
Legally-Mandated Key Registry (BGT)

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