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Sandro Santilli strk a keybit.net
Lun 17 Set 2012 16:05:39 CEST

Mi sembra un'iniziativa interessante: la mappatura delle scuole italiane
a rischio in caso di terremoto, in crowdsourcing.

Non so se gli sviluppatori sono su questa mailing list.
Mauro: se non sei gia' iscritto questo e' un invito a farlo :)


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Hello Group,
I'm writing you from Wired Italy, the italian edition of the US outlet, as
we just went online using cartoDB with an important data story on
earthquake safety in Italian schools:


Less than 1in 10 schools has been checked for earthquake safety in a highly
sismic country as Italy and we plan to map the whole of Italy in the coming

This map is a work-in-progress. There are not public data about school (not
even the government institution has a complete .xls), 57000 schools.
Geocoding is quite difficult in many cities for many reasons, from data,
and also from the database of google. So we start with only two regions
asking to people to help us to build the data and ask to government
institution to share the data.

Happy to receive suggestion.

Best Regard

Massimiliano Mauro
MMauro.ext a condenast.it
T: (+39) 393 80 55 439


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