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Dall'HackFest in Essen, una buona notizia per chi ha a cuore il futuro
di QGIS. Questa sponsorizzazione, oltre a garantire di poter coprire le
spese di base per le HackFest per i prossimi tre anni, dimostra un
interesse strategico in QGIS anche da parte di grandi organizzazioni.
Mi auguro che questo esempio venga seguito da molti altri power users.
Grazie a tutti quelli che hanno creduto e contribuito nel progetto, e
continuano a farlo.
Happy QGISsing!

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QGIS Gains a Gold Sponsor

The Quantum GIS (QGIS) project is happy to announce that the Asia Air Survey Co., Ltd (AAS), a Japanese international consulting company, has become a Gold Sponsor. AAS has committed to providing 9,000 EUR (~ $11,000 US) each of three years, beginning in November 2012. 

The AAS sponsorship is yet another indication that QGIS is a mature and stable project which continues to provide innovative open source GIS software. 

The QGIS Project Steering Committee (PSC) wishes to thank AAS for their continuing commitment. These funds will help further the development of QGIS, in part by allowing face to face developer meetings and code sprints (also known as hackfests).

The QGIS project has always relied on volunteers and community involvement. If your organization would like to become a sponsor, please contact the Finances and Marketing Manager: cavallini[at]faunalia.it. For more information on sponsorship levels, please see the QGIS Sponsorship page (http://www.qgis.org/en/sponsorship.html).

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