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>De: Ramesh P. Singh 
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>Enviadas: Quinta-feira, 21 de Junho de 2012 9:18
>Assunto: Encyclopedia on Natural Hazards
>Dear All,
>Taylor and Francis is bringing out Encyclopedia on Natural Hazards. Our
>efforts are to include all kind of Natural Hazards (Earthquake,
>volcano, forest fire, subsidence, droughts, floods, lightening,
>landslides, dust storms, cyclone/hurricane, typhoon, erosion,
>desertification,  physics, observation, processes, case studies
>observations, early warning, damages, population affected,
>monitoring). If you are willing to write a chapter (small or large, 4
>to 20 pages) and submit by November 2012, please contact Professor
>Ramesh Singh, Chief Editor, Encyclopedia on Natural Hazards
>(encyclopedia.naturalhazards a gmail.com) for his consideration. Once
>your proposal is accepted, Taylor and Francis will send you detailed
>Already we have about 75 authors, we would like to get contributions
>from scientists from all the countries facing various kinds of Natural
>Hazards) so I encourage all of you to contribute a chapter.
>I look forward to hear from you.
>Best regards,
>Ramesh Singh (rsingh a chapman.edu)

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