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Un annuncio preliminare di alcune funzioni che verranno sviluppate nel prossimo
futuro in QGIS. Alcune sono davvero passi avanti notevoli. Fra queste, anche la scala
metrica per mappe in longlat, come chiesto in questa lista qualche giorno fa.

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Oggetto: [Qgis-developer] WCS and Raster improvements for QGIS
Data: Thu, 12 Jul 2012 14:11:11 +0200
Mittente: Tim Sutton <lists at linfiniti.com>
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Hi All

I just wanted to share some development plans we have in order to
prevent possible duplication of effort. We have been funded by the
World Bank/GFDRR (Global Fund for Disaster Reduction and Recovery)  to
add the following functionalities to QGIS:

Web Coverage Service Support:
- Implement test suite for WCS integration
- Implement support for WCS as a native QGIS raster driver
- Support addition of WCS layers from python
- Implement WCS test server and document setup procedure so it can be replicated
- Implement a consistent user interface for adding WCS layers
Raster Improvements:
- Resampler branch integration - merge to master and integrate WCS
branch and ensure that all QGIS tests pass
- Implement sensible default colour scaling for rasters using 2% and
98% cumulative pixel count cut off where no style exists
- Implement (with c++ and python tests) range based floating point
raster transparency support in QGIS (singleband rasters only)
- Implement (with c++ and python tests) save as support for rasters in
QGIS. (Mainly tests required as builds on existing work).
- Implement support for user manipulation of raster null values in
QGIS when doing Save as.. (e.g. to specify a new null value).
- Support specification of region, pixel size and output CRS when
doing Save as... for rasters
- Add option (default behaviour) to enable OTF reprojection whenever a
new layer is added that differs in CRS from existing project layers.

The work will be carried by Radim Blazek under subcontract to
Linfiniti Consulting CC

In addition Sourcepole has been contracted by the World Bank/GFDRR to
add the following improvements to the composer:

Improvements to QGIS composer:
- Support graticule labels on specified sides only and ensure
garticule labels on inside are supported via python API
- Draw 'zebra style' graticule on borders
- Support printing degree marker (°) and N/E/S/W in graticule for EPGS:4326 maps
- Support scale bar calculations based on ellipsoid for EPGS:4326 maps
- Support placement of html elements on map composer
- Support overview map bounding box overlay based on extent of another map frame
- Support multipage map compositions with pagination (this will be
limited to nominating a single table/html frame which can overrun the
primary frame and then paginate)
- Ensure composer render to pdf works with python bindings in non-gui
contexts (raster pdf renderer only)
- Ensure composer templates can be rendered from python by specifying
a template file path
- Allow tokenisation of template elements via python (e.g. by passing
strings of file paths to replace composer elements in template)
- Compile a test suite that validates all composer functionality works in C++
- Compile a test suite that validates all composer functionality works in python

This work is being carried out in order to support the ongoing work we
are doing with the InaSAFE (Scenario Assessment for Emergencies)
project that we have been co-developing here at Linfiniti. The purpose
in particular is to support the development of a realtime scenario
report generator for post earthquake events.

The InaSAFE project is being developed by BNPB, AusAID and the World
Bank/GFDRR. You can find more details about the project at



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