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Dom 1 Apr 2012 15:32:07 CEST

Ciao Francesca,
io ho risolto premendo il tasto "aggiungi" presente nella stessa tab di
"aggiungi repository di terze parti" ed inserendo il seguente repository:
nome: quello che vuoi

indirizzo: http://plugins.qgis.org/plugins/plugins.xml

dopo dovresti vedere sextante e altro.

Stefano Bigiarini

Il giorno 01 aprile 2012 13:18, Francesca Bader <b.francesca a gmail.com> ha

> Buongiorno a tutti,
> vorrei installare questo nuovo plugin di Sextante, ma in "Recupero plugin
> python" non lo vedo, preciso che ho attivi i repository di terze parti ed
> impostato "tutti i repository" e "qualsiasi stato". Ho provato anche
> aggiungendo il repository che ho trovato qua<http://plugins.qgis.org/plugins/sextante/>ma poi non lo trovo comunque.
> C'รจ qualcuno che l'ha installato?
> Grazie a tutti, saluti.
> Francesca Bader.
> 2012/3/30 Paolo Cavallini <cavallini a faunalia.it>
>> Salve.
>> Sextante, un framework per l'analisi, e' stato appena aggiunto a QGIS.
>> Come vedete dalle note qui sotto, c'e' ancora lavoro da fare, ma e'
>> un'aggiunta impressionante!
>> Fate sapere le vostre esperienze.
>> Saluti.
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>> Subject: [Qgis-developer] SEXTANTE for QGIS has been released
>> Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2012 23:11:37 +0200
>> From: Victor Olaya <volayaf a gmail.com>
>> To: qgis-developer <qgis-developer a lists.osgeo.**org<qgis-developer a lists.osgeo.org>>,
>> qgis-user a lists.osgeo.org
>> Hi all
>> I am glad to announce that a first (tagged as 'experimental') version
>> SEXTANTE for QGIS has been released. It includes, among other things:
>> -Full support for SAGA algorithms
>> -ftool(vector processes) and mmqgis algorithms (these are not only
>> added to be used directly, but also as real examples of how to create
>> new algorithms or migrate existing ones into the SEXTANTE platform)
>> -Support for user-defined R scripts
>> -Support for user defined Python scripts
>> -Graphical modeler
>> -Batch processing interface
>> -History
>> You can download it using the QGIS plugin installer
>> Please, read the manual before using the plugin. You can access it
>> selecting the "SEXTANTE help" option in the SEXTANTE menu.
>> This version is still missing some functionalities, but should be
>> fully usable. Users should be particularly aware of the following
>> issues:
>> -External applications (SAGA and R) have been tested mostly on
>> Windows, but not so much in Linux, so problems might appear on that
>> platform. No testing has been done at all under Mac OS.
>> -GRASS algorithms have been deactivated, in order to have a working
>> version as soon as possible. We hope to have GRASS incorporated into
>> the set of available algorithms pretty soon
>> -Although most algorithms support multiple formats for their ouput
>> layers, these are currently limited to tiff for raster layers,
>> shapefiles for vector layers and dbf files for tables. This can be
>> changed easily and will be done in a next version
>> -Calling external applications might not work if using layers such as
>> those coming from remote services or DB connections. Please, use just
>> file-based data by now (we are working on improving that as well, but
>> it might take time... ;-) )
>> -Using tables (and also opening those generated by geoalgorithms) is
>> still a bit in development, since there is no built-in default method
>> of opening independent tables. By now, attribute tables of vector
>> layers can be used, but only if these are in shapefile format (since
>> we can refer to the associated dbf file). We expect to change this
>> soon, probably creating some plugin to improve that handling of
>> independent tables (or if anyone can point us to an existing one that
>> can be coupled with SEXTANTE, that good be even better...)
>> Once again, read the manual before trying it, as it will greatly help
>> you to understand SEXTANTE and what you can do with it.
>> For developers: I know a lot of documentation is needed...hope to have
>> that solved soon (or at least start to solve it). A SEXTANTE for QGIS
>> developers manual is also on its way... there is already a mechanism
>> to create QGIS plugins that register new algorithms in SEXTANTE
>> (thanks to Alexander Bruy for the suggestion!), but still has to be
>> documented. I am currently working on an well documented example case,
>> to be released soon as well
>> Of course, all bug reports and comments are welcome, since this is
>> still a beta version.
>> Thanks in advance for your interest.
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