[Gfoss] Cosa fa qgis in questo caso? "Features across the international dateline"

Cristoforo Abbattista abbattista a planetek.it
Gio 22 Set 2011 11:59:43 CEST

Qui c'è un topic 
a cui ho partecipato
e il mio punto di vista è l'ultimo dei commenti; lo riporto qui per 
immediatezza, anche se in inglese

/Cristoforo Abbattista 
<http://getsatisfaction.com/people/cristoforoabbattista> 19 hours ago 

/I'm experiencing the problem just now.
I'm convinced that PostGIS doesn't need to take care of it, because the 
digitized feature has the correct coordinates.

Only the modules which draw the maps need to take care. That means OL 
when retrieving features from Feature servers (WFS case) or Geoserver 
when serving images representing maps (WMS case).

The problem derives from the fact that OL or Geoserver do not manage 
such case in coherence with the other points they draw on the earth.
What does it means: even for points laying far from the date line, OL 
and GS make the choice to draw the shortest projected path between the 
points; in fact they could always choice to draw a line circumnavigating 
the earth to connect them even they are at the equator, but they don't! 
Why, insted, do they choose to do that for points near the date line? I 
know why, but they need to correct.

Regards and waiting for solution.
Cristoforo Abbattista

PS: indeed it seems that a good applicable workaround is to manage such 
case as multiline or multipolygon features touching themselves on the 
date line /

Vorrei conoscere il parere della lista e in particolare come si comporta 

PS: Per inciso ArcGIS fa la stessa cosa che fanno tutti; ossia, secondo 
me, sbaglia.

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