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Date: 2011/7/21
Subject: 2012 Next Step: Full Proposal and Budget


Thank you to all of the 4 teams for submitting excellent letters of
intent to host FOSS4G.  I can tell through private discussions that each
OSGeo Conference Committee member took this decision very seriously.

Stage 1 Results

The teams/letters who received 2 or more votes from committee members
are: Beijing, Hanoi, and Prague.  Unfortunately the team from Rome will
not move onto the next stage.  I do hope that the Rome local committee
does come back in a future bid, as there is clearly an extremely active
local community there in Italy (I attended the WebMGS event in Como last
August, so I know first-hand).

Stage 2

Beijing, Hanoi, and Prague local committees must now begin work on their
full proposals and proposed budget.  The due dates listed in the RFP are
for 2011-08-01, but that obviously is too soon for a full proposal.  So
we will change that to one month from today, 2011-08-21.  (the idea is
to make sure there is enough time to produce a full proposal and budget,
yet at the same time give enough time for the winning team to plan to
send someone to Denver, or at least produce an invitation video: a short
10 minute slot is scheduled in the Denver closing plenary for the
winning team to present its invitation

I have updated the RFP with these new dates

Proposals & Budget (Stage 2) due: 2011-08-21 (23:00 UTC)
Stage 2 question period: 2011-08-21 to 2011-08-26
Final decision: 2011-08-26

Thank you everyone.

Jeff McKenna
on behalf of the OSGeo Conference Committee

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