[Gfoss] a report on the "mashup" event in Edimburgh, Scotland, during the next INSPIRE Conference

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 as a follow up to the announcement from a few weeks ago...

1) on the INSPIRE forum and on the Attivarti.org blog you may find various
insights on the recent "mashup" event, coupled with the M(')appare Edimburgo




<http://inspire-forum.jrc.ec.europa.eu/pg/groups/forum/42051/>2) Also, on
Saturday July 2, the show "L'Altra Europa" on Radio 24 (the main "news and
talk" radio in Italy) covered the event with a live interview... this should
be available in a few days on the radio's podcast section (

I thank again all those who made the event possible (and, in particular,
those who signed up to play)  - best regards

Andrea Giacomelli
info at pibinko.org
+39 347 15 33 857

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INSPIRE Conference
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Some of you may remember last year's mashup event related to the
Krakow INSPIRE Conference - if you would like a refresher, all the
story is available [1]

This year there is a new mashup coming up, with a slightly different
approach -

Attivarti.org proposed organising a football (or soccer, depending on
which side of the pond you are in) tournament.

A presentation of the event is available here:

The game is scheduled for June 27, at the end of Day 1 of the next
INSPIRE Conference in Edimburgh, Scotland (June 27 - July 1).

Depending on the number of players, we will define the type of
tournament to hold. The event was published on Monday...at the time of
writing, we already have some 5-6 people enrolled, and more
expressions of interest are flowing in day by day.

If you are planning to attend the INSPIRE Conference, or are in
contact with people who will be attending, please consider the
invitation, or pass it on, for all the others, see you next time!

please note: For real INSPIRE fans, a dedicated group has been set up
on the INSPIRE forum [2] to see how the tournament  develops.

Best regards,

Andrea Giacomelli
info at pibinko.org
+39 347 15 33 857

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