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Pronta una nuova release del live dvd ;-)

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The Geospatial LiveDVD team is pleased to announce version 3.0 of the OSGeo
GeoSpatial Live DVD and Virtual Machine, code named Arramagong.
the Arramagong LiveDVD, you can try the best of GeoSpatial Open Source
Software(OSS) without installing any applications on your computer. As
a royalty free, reference release with fully tested and configured OSS
stack, the LiveDVD is ideal for training, demonstration and public
The LiveDVD is based on XUbuntu
so it can be run on most computers simply by rebooting the computer
with the DVD inserted. The Arramagong LiveDVD also comes with Windows
and Macintosh installers for many of the GeoSpatial applications too. 
Highlights from this 3.0 release include: 

   34 of the best GeoSpatial Open Source applications included. 
   14 new applications added since release 2.0, at FOSS4G 2009 
   13 applications updated 
   Formalised testing introduced for all packages as part of the
release process 
   Plus lots of general improvements and fixes 



   AtlasStyler SLD editor and Geopublisher :: 1.4 (new) 
   deegree WMS, WFS, WCS and iGeoPortal :: 2.2 
   GDAL :: 1.6.3 
   GeoKettle :: 3.2.0-20090609 
   Geomajas :: 1.4.2 (new) 
   GeoNetwork :: 2.4.2 
   GeoServer :: 2.0.1 
   GMT: The Generic Mapping tools :: 4.4.0 (new) 
   GpsDrive :: 2.10pre7 
   GRASS GIS :: 6.4.0rc5 
   gvSIG :: 1.9 stable 
   Kosmo :: 2.0 RC1 
   Mapfish :: 1.2 (new) 
   Mapnik :: 0.6.1 (new) 
   Mapserver :: 5.6.1 
   MapTiler :: 1.0 beta2 
   Marble :: 0.8.1 
   MB System :: 5.1.2 
   Octave Mapping Toolbox :: 3.0 / 1.0.7 (new) 
   Open Jump :: 1.3 
   Open Layers :: 2.8 (new) 
   OpenCPN :: 1.3.6 (new) 
   OpenStreetMap editors and tools :: JOSM svn1788, Gosmore
svn20090624 (new) 
   osgEarth :: 1.3 (new) 
   Ossim/OssimPlanet :: 1.8.3 (new) 
   pgRouting :: 1.04 
   Postgres/PostGIS :: 8.4/1.4 
   PROJ.4 :: 4.7.0 (new) 
   QuantumGIS :: 1.4.0 
   R geostatistics :: 2.10.1 
   SpatiaLite :: 2.4.0 (new) 
   uDig :: 1.2RC1 
   Unofficial gvSIG Mobile for Linux :: 0.1.6 (new) 
   Xubuntu :: 9.10 

You can find more details about the project on our wiki at: http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Live_GIS_Disc

Us packagers are keen to help projects make use of the next release
of the Live DVD at this year's OSGeo FOSS4G conference, http://2010.foss4g.org.
Can you use the Live DVD in your presentations, tutorials or workshops?
Talk to us about it. 
Cameron Shorter
Geospatial Solutions Manager
Tel: +61 (0)2 8570 5050
Mob: +61 (0)419 142 254

Think Globally, Fix Locally
Geospatial Solutions enhanced with Open Standards and Open Source


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