[Gfoss] [OT] segnalazione su MySQL e Oracle

Andrea Peri 2007 aperi2007 a gmail.com
Ven 1 Gen 2010 19:21:03 CET

Vi giro il testo di una email che sta circolando.

Per gli amanti dei vari retroscena tra MySQL e Oracle-Sun e' comunque 
utile la lettura del blog a questo indirizzo:


>I am contacting you because you have in the past shown interest in
>MySQL and from that I assume you are interested in the future
>well-being of MySQL.
>Now you have a unique opportunity to make a difference.  By signing
>the petition at http://www.helpmysql.org you can help affect the
>future of MySQL as an Open Source database.
>You can find more information of this on my latest blog post at:
>Help us spread the world about this petition!
>http://www.helpmysql.org is available in 18 languages and every vote
>is important, independent of from where in the world it comes!
>If you know people that are using MySQL, please contact them and
>ensure they also sign the petition!
>Creator of MySQL
>PS: If you already have signed the petition or know about it, sorry for
>    reminding you about this! Because of the importance of this issue,
>    I am trying to contact every person that I have ever communicated
>    with regarding MySQL.

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