[Gfoss] Google, politica e geografia

Stefano Costa steko a iosa.it
Sab 21 Mar 2009 12:16:57 CET


Un passo citato dal post indicato sopra:

> There is a wider issue for all of Google’s hundreds of millions of
> users. Google has built a reputation and a successful business based
> on trust. Google users trust that when they do a search, look at
> Google Earth, or use any of Google’s other services that accurate data
> is being provided to them. I have no evidence that Google’s search
> engine, for example, is in any way tainted by politics Despite that I
> find myself double checking the results Google provides with new
> search engines like Cuil and Mooter and even the venerable Alta Vista.
> Google has already lost the trust of many Israeli, Jewish, and
> pro-Israel users. What happens to Google’s business if this lack of
> trust spreads to the wider user community as they become aware of the
> charges of political bias?

Con (geo)dati liberi, queste cose succederebbero meno facilmente.

Stefano Costa
http://www.iosa.it/ Open Archaeology
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