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The first public pre-release version of “GIS Virtual Machine Server” is
available at:

http://gisvm.com <http://gisvm.com/>

GISVM Server is another product based on the GISVM new concept for a
Free Open Source GIS Software distribution.

With it you get a full feature Free (dom) GIS Server, ready for you to
use with your favorite GIS desktop application!

GISVM Server includes:

- Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition JeOS (Just enough OS)

- LAMP Server bundle (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP)

- Samba File Server

- Tomcat Java Server

- PostgreSQL database server

- PostGIS (PostgreSQL spatial extension), ZigGIS and FDO ready!

- Mapserver

- Geoserver

- Deegree

- Webmin (a web-based interface for GISVM Server administration)

If you think this is a useful and interesting product, please help us
with your participation on the beta testing forum board:


Thank you for your time and collaboration!

Best regards,
Ricardo Pinho
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