[Gfoss] [OSSIM] Ossimplanet integration with Grass and Qgis - status report #6

Massimo Di Stefano massimodisasha a yahoo.it
Ven 3 Lug 2009 16:34:11 CEST

Week 6 (July 3, 2009)

What did I do this week:

Fixed the Grass Raster Rendering in Ossim-Gdal plug-in, now we can  
load grass raster data type (Byte, Uint16, Float32, Float64) in  
imagelinker and Ossimplanet.
    The rendering works great, all the ossim function like “img2rr,  
    mosaic, image_info ...” now works on grass data too.

Finished to wrote a template mapfile to read gps data in real time  
(gps data stored on postgis) ... i need yet to implement an  
autogenerated mapfile based on selected
    grass layers.

Create a python dictionary from the geonames cities database (a  
dictionary for
    each region) targhet is to have a combobox with listed region once  
one region is
    selected in an other combobox we’ll have cities names to zoom to.

Continue to sperimenting the use of r.external read in grass imagery  
data generated by ossim.

What do I plan on doing next week:

Study/Learning/experiment with the broadcast/listner Ossimplanet’s  
    (targhet is to load raster data in ossim using tcp connection).

Learn more on grass command like :  r.cost, r.los, v.net.path,  
    the targhet is to generate capture nodes using the gui/joystick  
pass them to grass
    generate visibility-map/route/path and send it out to planet.

Am I blocked on anything: x

blog page : http://www.geofemengineering.it/epifanio/sasha/sasha/Home.html

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