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Giovanni Manghi giovanni.manghi a gmail.com
Mer 12 Ago 2009 22:24:31 CEST

From: Mike Worboys <worboys at spatial.maine.edu>

Dear colleagues

*** With apologies for cross postings ***

Many of you have commented on the importance of an on-line, open-
access journal in the field of spatial information science. As a
response, we are pleased to announce today the creation of the a new,
international, open access journal: The Journal of Spatial Information
Science (JOSIS)


* publishes research spanning the theoretical foundations of spatial
and geographical information science, through computation with
geospatial information, to technologies for geographical information
* provides immediate, free, and open access to its content, making
research freely available to the public and supporting the global
exchange of knowledge;
* has an international editorial board containing many of the world's
leading researchers in the field;
* aims to publish the highest quality papers in the field within the
shortest possible time in review;
* contains a discussion forum that hosts authors' original manuscripts
during formal peer review, thus providing wide-ranging but moderated
feedback to authors;
* provides secure archiving to ensure permanence of all its published
research; and
* subscribes to the Creative Commons copyrighting system where authors
retain the copyright to their work and grant the journal permission to

Our aspiration is to make this the best journal in our field, in terms
of the technical quality of its papers, but also due to its novel
format. For example, papers may be discussed before being formally
accepted, and under "Announcements" there is room to post conferences,
vacant positions, courses, and other news.

Please pass the word around. You will find a flyer also available for
download at our website


We hope that you will engage in this community-based effort by
submitting high-quality papers and acting as reviewer and/or
contributor to the forum.

JOSIS Editors-in-Chief
Matt Duckham, University of Melbourne,Australia        matt at josis.org
Jörg-Rüdiger Sack, Carleton University, Canada          joerg
Michael Worboys, University of Maine, USA              mike at josis.org 

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