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Mi pare che non sia già stata girata in lista.
Non so se dietro a questi comportamenti ci siano acredini nascoste o altre problematiche, però a me sembra che, se un colosso come ESRI ha atteggiamenti di tale chiusura, può significare solamente che l'OSS sta iniziando a fare paura...

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Subject: [Gvsig_english] ESRI conference 08 incident
From:    "Jorge Sanz" <jsanz a prodevelop.es>
Date:    Fri, October 17, 2008 09:13
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Hi all,

I write this mail on behalf of Álvaro Anguix one of the leaders of gvSIG
Project (it seems he is more confident with my English than me :P). I've
posted his letter in Spanish on my personal weblog[1], and I write down
here more or less his thoughts.

As you may know, he works for IVER, the most prominent company that
supports gvSIG (aside note, I work for Prodevelop, another gvSIG
supporting company). Ok, some coworkers of him went to Madrid few days ago
to attend the Annual ESRI Users Conference. Because IVER has customers
that use ESRI technology they, as every year, wanted to know the latest
"arc-news". Obviously they registered previously and they were confirmed
by the organization.

Well, when they tried to register at the beginning of the conference, the
Marketing Director invited them to abandon the conference. Even more, the
Managing Director of ESRI Spain insisted one of the IVER people that "to
talk with customers, better she should go to a café or on the street".
Quite annoying and bizarre!

As Alvaro says, why they have this behavior with his colleagues? Maybe
they fear FOSS companies?

Anyway, all of you are invited to the gvSIG conf, even to discuss, it's
free in both senses ;)

See you
[1] http://geomaticblog.net/gb2/es/2008-10-16-esri_haciendo_amigos
Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas
Ingeniero en Geodesia y Cartografía
Prodevelop S.L. - Valencia - España
Tlf.:  96.351.06.12 - Fax:   96.351.09.68

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