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Mar 4 Mar 2008 10:18:12 CET

C'è carenza di abstract, magari troviamo qualcuno che dà una mano a
salvare la sessione GFOSS.


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Dear all!

The session IEI-20, "Free and open-source geospatial software:
applications in Earth Sciences and recent development"
(http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/OSGeo_at_IGC2008) at the 33rd IGC, 6th -
14th August 2008 in Oslo (http://www.33igc.org), did not yet recieve
the required number of abstract submissions. The abstract deadline has
been extended to Friday this week. Please help us to save the GFOSS
session and submit an abstract to the session in case you are going to
attend the congress. Please tell also your (GFOSS-)friends and
colleagues about this session.
Thank you very much!

With best wishes,


Henning Lorenz
Research scientist (Arctic tectonics)
The Swedish Deep Drilling Program (http://www.sddp.se; Scientific coordinator)

Uppsala University
Department of Earth Sciences
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mobile: +46 (0)733 622 655
fax:    +46 (0)18 50 11 10
e-mail: henning.lorenz a geo.uu.se


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