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In order to prepare the Commission proposals, an international team of
experts has been working since October 2005 to review available reference
material and international standards to create a set of prime reference
documents that will govern the development of the draft IR for data
– DS-D2.3 Definition and scoping of the Annex themes;
– DS-D2.5 Generic Conceptual Model;
– DS-D2.6 Methodology for the development of data specifications;
– DS-D2.7 Guidelines for the encoding of spatial data.

This document, DS-D2.6 Methodology to develop the data
therefore not a draft IR, but a document that, together with user
requirements and the other documents mentioned above, is targeted to help in
the process of developing the IR for data specifications.

In particular, this document specifies how individual INSPIRE spatial data
themes have to be modelled based on the user requirements, the INSPIRE
Generic Conceptual Model (DS-D2.5) and the relevant international and
industrial standards.

DS-D2.6 will be used by the Thematic Working Groups as described in the INSPIRE
Work Programme Transposition Phase
in the Terms of Reference of the actors involved in the data
specification process. The result of applying DS-D2.6 will be the data
product specifications, prepared according to ISO 19131:2007 Geographic
information - Data product
for the individual themes, i.e. conceptual information models that describe
the relevant classes, their attributes,
relationships and constraints, as well as other information as appropriate
like data capturing information or data quality requirements.
It does not create direct obligations to the Member States.


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