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*invito tutti a visitare la pagina del questionario di cui si parla sotto in
occasione del prossimo té.*
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*Subject: *Final consultation on eGovRTD2020 research themes

Dear Colleague,

Over the past year, 21 workshops were held around the world to explore the
future research agenda for e-government. These events were part of a project
sponsored by the European Commission (EC), called eGovRTD2020 (
www.egovrtd2020.org), which is attempting to:

   - envision scenarios for society and government in the year 2020,
   - identify gaps in current knowledge and capability, and
   - develop key themes for future research.

T he international project team has developed 13 research themes which are
now the topic of a short survey. The results will be used by the EC (and
shared with the US National Science Foundation and other research sponsors)
to help shape future investments in e-government research. As an expert
involved with e-government research or management, your opinion is very
important in this final phase.

The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete. It asks for your opinion
about the importance of each of these 13 research themes. Your responses are
completely confidential. If you wish to receive a copy of the survey results
your email address will be collected at the end of the survey, but it will
not be associated with your answers.

Please participate in the survey by going to


Thank you very much for your contribution,

Maria Wimmer (Project coordinator)

For the eGovRTD2020 project team
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