[Gfoss] [Soci.gfoss] Presentazione di GFOSS.it al FOSS4G 2007

Diego Magni diego.magni at polimi.it
Thu Jul 5 13:00:57 CEST 2007

Ciao Maxi,
scusa se ti rispondo solo ora (ieri ero a Milano e non ho letto la 
posta); ottima presentazione.
Ti mando comunque alcune piccole correzioni che farei, nel caso tu abbia 
avuto una proroga alla deadline.

> -- Short Description – (max 50 word)

=> OK

> -- Long Description – (max 250 word)
> During the “VIII meeting of the Italian GRASS and GFOSS users” held in 
> Palermo (14-16 febbraio 2007) 

=> Refuso: 14-16 February 2007

> the “Italian Association for a Free and Open Source Geo-information” 
> was funded to formerly represent the Italian language community.
> The not formal Italian users group born in 2000 around the GRASS GIS 
> software, and starting from that date, held annual “GRASS Italian 
> users meeting” all around Italy, from east to west and north to south. 

=> Non per fare il pignolo, però mi sa che i punti cardinali si scrivono 
in maiuscolo.

> The community grown fast. More and more people joint to the mailing 
> lists and in 2006 for the first time the meeting was extended to all 
> the FOSS4G themes. Currently the community (i) includes a GFOSS Web 
> site, wiki site, and user mailing list and a GRASS Web site and user 
> mailing list; (ii) contribute

=> contributes

> in software development and packages release (i.e.: Italian live CD); 
> and (iii) develop and translate 

=> develops and translates

> manuals, tutorials and software (i.e.: Italian GRASS 6.2 on line 
> tutorial).
> The mission and objectives of GFOSS.it (www.gfoss.it) are:
> foster 

=> to foster

> the development, dissemination and safeguard of the free and open 
> source software for the geo-information (FOSS4G);
> promote 

=> to promote

> the geographical information open standards and the free geo-data 
> accessibility;
> boost 

=> to boost

> the connection within the FOSS4G Italian users and developers and 
> among other external communities;
> advance and coordinate

to advance and coordinate

> the translation, localization and internationalization of FOSS4G 
> software and manuals; enhance 

=> to enhance

> relationships with other national and international associations and 
> with public and private bodies.
> Future steps and more insight about the GFOSS.it association will be 
> presented.
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