[Gfoss] Porto , 4-6 luglio 2007: 13mo EC-GIS Workshop (ritrasmissione a seguito di Palermo)

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alla luce delle discussioni svoltesi a Palermo, rimando in lista il seguente
annuncio, trasmesso la prima volta un mesetto fa.

- vi invito a dare massima pubblicità all'iniziativa, anche fuori dai
"confini amministrativi" dell'Unione Europea (per conto mio ho già toccato 4

- resto a disposizione di chi volesse capire meglio come porsi rispetto
all'evento, sia come possibile partecipante, sia come persona interessata.

- scadenza per gli abstract: *3 marzo 2007*

un saluto e grazie

*andrea, noto pibinko*
*http://pibinko.altervista.org* <http://pibinko.altervista.org>

  *[* *feel free to forward this - and apologies for any cross-postings* *]
It is my pleasure to invite you to the workshop described in the message
attached below. I have been following the event since 1997, and this year I
decided to propose myself to organize one of the session.

If you receive this invitation, it is because we are  -or have been- in the
process of discussing topics/opportunities related to the scope of the
workshop, and because I believe that it would be interesting for you to
participate and/or give a presentation

A) if you simply like to participate: please register, and come to Porto
B) if you are considering a presentation, please see in the message below
all the details.

Within the general topic of the workshop, I have proposed focusing on:

*-  environmental spatial data infrastructure applications, including the
presentation of other "infrastructures" that coexist on the same spatial
footprint of INSPIRE-related SDIs , such as GRID computing for environmental
modelling, collection of multi-country environmental data sets from private
sector organizations, etc*.

other related keywords of interest for me are e.g.: *awareness
raising/training, ** open source solutions, cost-benefit analysis, the
 "data-tools-people-processes"* *paradigm and others that I won't bother you
with in this mail.*

The tentative title for the session is *"...So you thought you had nothing
to do with INSPIRE ?"* ...as an encouragement to participate, but this does
not restrict the participation to "spatial data infrastructure newbies".

There is more than one month for you to think and write an abstract.

If we can get presentations that will be considered of good level, we also
have the opportunity of having papers published in a special issue of a
Journal  on Geoscience

I'll be glad to provide clarifications.

Thank you for your attention, and regards.

 *Andrea Giacomelli, aka Pibinko*

*From:* inspire-info at jrc.cec.eu.int [mailto:inspire-info at jrc.cec.eu.int]
*Sent:* Friday, January 12, 2007 6:28 PM
*To:* Giacomelli, Andrea
*Subject:* 13th EC GI & GIS Worksop, Porto, 4-6 July, 2007 Call for papers

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that the 13th edition of the EC GI & GIS Workshops
will take place in Porto, Portugal, 4 - 6 July 2007.

With the agreement on the text of the INSPIRE directive the focus of this
year's workshop is on contribution of SDIs on environmental analyses and

The objectives of this year's workshop are to:

   - Identify the contribution of SDIs for environmental analysis,
   monitoring, and modelling; environmental protection, natural hazards
   prediction and mitigation, and other applications areas including water,
   soil, land use and land cover change, forestry, and atmospheric pollution;
   - Review the current state of progress of the INSPIRE legislation,
   - Offer an opportunity to the INSPIRE Drafting Teams to report on the
   development of the INSPIRE Implementing Rules
   - Further our understanding of the implementation challenges, costs,
   and benefits of SDIs at national, regional, and local level
   - Identify key issues and opportunities for European SDI projects.

The Workshop will be organised through a series of plenary sessions
addressing common policy issues, and parallel sessions focusing in
particular on applications / implementations of SDIs, and research issues

With this in mind this call for papers envisages submissions for the
following topic areas

   - SDIs for environmental analysis, monitoring, and modelling;
   environmental protection, natural hazards prediction and mitigation, and
   other applications areas including water, soil, land use and land cover
   change, forestry, and atmospheric pollution;
   - SDI Implementations: We are particularly interested in models for
   coordinating multiple stakeholders (public/private sector)
   - European funded projects: Lessons learnt and opportunities. We will
   hold a round table discussion on the synergies between the projects and
   opportunities ahead
   - Social and economic impacts of implementing SDIs

We are particularly interested in accounts of what works, and what does not
work, what are perceived benefits for policy, public administration,
citizens and the private sector. Proposals will be evaluated by the
programme committee and those accepted will be included in the on-line
conference proceedings.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is the 3rd March 2007.

Full papers can be submitted for peer review to the International Journal of
Spatial Data Infrastructures Research (IJSDIR) for publication in a special
EC GI & GIS Workshop issue.

Best regards,
Karen Fullerton
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