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Gianluca grazie,
rilancio con questa mail che non so se aggiunge qualcosa ma che volevo 
mandare anche prima:

> ----- Forwarded message from Roger Longhorn <ral at alum.mit.edu> -----
> Has everyone see the announcement on the INSPIRE Web site
> (inspire.jrc.it) about publication of the INSPIRE Metadata Survey
> conducted by DG JRC, published on 12 January (or at least, announced on
> the web site on 12 January)?
> The survey announcement is at:
> http://www.ec-gis.org/inspire/metadata_survey/
> and the survey results (19 pages) is at:
> http://www.ec-gis.org/inspire/reports/INSPIRE_Metadata_Survey_2006_final.pdf
> The report offers statistics on standards used, search protocols,
> accessibility, etc.
> >From the summary:
> "The survey revealed that:
> ? the vast majority (80%) of metadata holdings are operational and
> mostly (76%) available through the Internet while some 20% of metadata
> holdings are currently being redesigned indicating the state of
> transition at the current time.
> ? 65% of metadata holdings follow ISO standards and more than half of
> the respondents follow some standards to encode MD, of which the
> majority are again ISO standards.
> ? OGC Catalogue Service standards are applied to 39% of all metadata
> holdings and in the in case of catalogue existence the SOAP and/or HTTP
> protocols are used for search the most often (26%).
> ? 11% of metadata holders are already created in more than one language,
> and moreover, the user interfaces operate in multiple languages in 18%
> of all cases.
> These findings indicate that organizations understand the necessity of
> providing and organizing metadata in a way that is compliant with
> international standards, accessible through the Internet and
> increasingly made available in more than one language.
> The survey results will provide an input to INSPIRE Metadata and Network
> Services Drafting Teams."
> <ends>
> A slide presentation of the "Results and Recommendations" from the
> INSPIRE Multiple-Representation and Data Consistency Workshop held at
> the JRC 8-10 November 2006 is also available at:
> http://sdi.jrc.it/ws/multiple_rep/WS_recommendations.pdf
> while background and presentations from the workshop are at:
> http://sdi.jrc.it/ws/multiple_rep/
> Happy reading.
> Roger Longhorn
> ral at alum.mit.edu
> MOTIIVE Project List Moderator
> p.s. Can anyone (preferably the Commission!) please tell me the logic
> behind have an INSPIRE 'official' web site located at URL
> inspire.jrc.it, which then links to www.ec-gis.org for some reports and
> sdi.jrc.it for others? How many sites should be be monitoring to keep up
> with INSPIRE activities - or will all announcements usually appear on
> inspire.jrc.it in the first instance?
> EGIP Archive:  http://www.ec-gis.org/egip/

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