[Gfoss] "Lawyers claim mapping databases do not enjoy copyright protection "

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Thu Apr 19 15:33:21 CEST 2007

Per chi non ha ancora letto:

New study casts doubt on Ordnance Survey's copyright control

According to a new study by government-funded intellectual property lawyers,
some users at least have a legal right both to extract items of data and to
pass them on to third parties. A study by Charlotte Waelde of the University
of Edinburgh's School of Law concludes that a geospatial database does not
enjoy copyright protection, as Ordnance Survey claims, but rather is
protected by the European Database Directive.
The argument is complex, but may have important consequences. Unlike
copyright law, which can be used to block the reproduction of almost any
part of a creative work - even John Cage's 4'33" of silence - the database
directive allows users to copy information, provided that it is not a
"substantial" part of a database. The use must also be lawful and "not
conflict with the normal exploitation of the database or unreasonably
prejudice the legitimate interests of the maker".

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