[Gfoss] QuantumGIS e Python

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Tue Oct 31 15:38:40 CET 2006

 > http://blog.qgis.org/?q=node/29
 > Qualcuno ha avuto modo di giocarci un po'?

purtroppo non c'ho giocato.

da sottolineare:
- create GIS applications in Python - yes, now you can create your  
own applications which will use QGIS libraries just with Python and  
no C++ code! To prove it I've ported some of Tim's tutorials. Take a  
look at the complete tutorial 5 in python.

- automate some tasks in QGIS - with python console embedded in QGIS  
that can access map canvas you're able to enter any python commands  
to make some tasks easier and more automatic.

- plugins in Python - creating a plugin with python is surely much  
easier that doing the same in C++. Why? You don't have to recompile  
the plugin on every change, shorter sources and less error-prone code!

c'è da dire che siamo ancora alla fase sperimentale ma promette molto  

grazie del link
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