[Gfoss] Fwd: [Bug 1138] gml 3.1 : how much would it cost?

Stefano Costa steko at iosa.it
Sat Mar 25 10:26:22 CET 2006

Visto che se ne era parlato tutti insieme (al GRASS meeting? boh, non mi
ricordo), penso che possa interessare questa risposta di Frank Warmerdam (lo
sviluppatore di GDAL/OGR, per chi non lo sapesse) riguardo ai costi di
implementazione di GML 3.1 in OGR.

Penso che se il nascente GFOSS deciderà di diventare un catalizzatore di danari,
questo sia un buon esempio di dove indirizzarli.


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------- Additional Comments From warmerdam a pobox.com  2006-03-24 15:48 -------

I can't really answer that question without quite a lot of work.

I will say that the existing driver isn't really GML 2.x compliant.
It is easy to prepare a GML 2.x compliant dataset that it can't
read because it ignores the the schema files.

To reengineer the GML driver to use schemas, and support any proper
GML 3 dataset would be a big job.  Tens of thousands of dollars at

A more managable step would be to add support for GML 3.x geometries,
and otherwise tweak things to support at least GML 3.x "simple features
profile" (or what ever it ended up being called) datasets properly.
And genreally support 3.x as well as 2.x was supported.  I haven't done
a detailed review of the GML 3 changes, but I think this would run
somewhere between $2K USD to perhaps $6K USD.

I'm closing this bug report for now.  Feel free to contact me directly
by email for GML 3.x costing or a proposal.

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