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Luigi Pirelli l.pirelli at acsys.it
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Ecco i risultati presentati all'ultimo convegno di Grass

ciao e a presto,

Gino Pirelli

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Subject: [GRASS5] New NVIZ features
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 10:58:15 +0200
From: Massimo Cuomo <m.cuomo at acsys.it>
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Hello everybody.

Yesterday evening we updated many files in CVS for nviz and ogsf library (plus
sites.c) with most of the development we have done in the last year for the
project RIADE.

The main feature is the possibility in nviz of visualizing sites (or vector
points) with a different color and/or size for each point, depending from the
values in the associated db. There is the possibility of visualizing more than
one field value per point, histograms, and an improved "picking" of the point
in order to directly access its related db record. Furthermore there is the
possibility of associating multimedia data to a field and access it directly
by clicking on it.

These features are quickly explained in a README.ACS file in the nviz directory.

Later today we will post to this list a link to an article we have written for
the seventh grass meeting in which we describe the functions with more details.

Another minor change was made to the surface panel interface: upon request of
our users we changed the names on the buttons and, in our opinion, they are a
little more clear now. Should anyone find this worst or annoying, please do
not hesitate to ask for regression.

One final thing: at the moment we didn't added a "Time Series" feature we
developed because it requires a lot of subtle changes and at the moment it
seems to us that it introduces more problems than solutions if not needed.
Should anyone be interested, please contact us. We will post documentation on
this feature too.

I hope these developments will be useful to many.

            Massimo and Luigi (ACS Rome)

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