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Emilia Venturato venturato at faunalia.it
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era una mail personale inviata per errore in mailing list.
saluti a tutti.

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Subject: Re: [Gfoss] [Fwd: [Qgis-user] 0.8 release]
Date: 09:55, martedì 25 luglio 2006
From: Emilia Venturato <venturato a faunalia.it>
To: gfoss a faunalia.com

se guardiamo insieme di cosa si tratta provo ad aiutarlo. Io francamente non
ho capito bene cosa chieda.

Alle 07:48, lunedì 24 luglio 2006, Paolo Cavallini ha probabilmente scritto:
> Una richiesta di aiuto, credo meritevole, da parte dello sviluppatore
> principale di qgis. Se qualcuno puo' aiutare, lo faccia.
> Saluti.
> pc
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> Subject: [Qgis-user] 0.8 release
> Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2006 10:45:36 -0800
> From: Gary Sherman <sherman a mrcc.com>
> To: qgis-developer a lists.qgis.org
> CC: qgis-user a lists.qgis.org
> Greetings,
> As we continue to move towards a 0.8 release, I'd first like to thank
> all of you who are contributing to the effort through bug fixes,
> patches, documentation, translations, and filing bugs.
> At present we are 75% along with regard to issues in 0.8. I would
> encourage you to feel free to work on the remaining issues. Many of
> them are assigned to me in Trac, however that is just the default
> assignment that takes place when you open a ticket. It doesn't mean
> I'm working on them (in fact at present I'm not working any, but
> rather concentrating on the Windows build and documentation).
> If you have time, please reassign those tasks you want to handle and
> fix them. You can easily view the 0.8 milestone tasks here:
> https://svn.qgis.org/trac/query?
> status=new&status=assigned&status=reopened&group=milestone&milestone=Ver
> sion+0.8+Release&order=priority
> or create your own custom query in Trac.
> One issue I would like to address in 0.8 is the context help for all
> dialogs. This isn't a new feature, the hooks have been there since
> 0.7, but it has never been fully implemented. Most dialogs have a
> help button already, its just a matter of hooking them up. I'll post
> something to the list on how to do this if you want to "wire up" your
> dialogs. I have a web application to create and edit the context help
> that goes in the sqlite3 database. This application assigns the
> unique context id for a class base on a hash of the class name.  If
> you are interested in contributing to writing context help, let me
> know and I'll get the application online.
> The user guide has been significantly updated and is ready for
> review. If you review the guide, please note your comments by page
> number and send them to this list. Stephan Holl provided a draft of
> the user guide for review at: http://www.gdf-hannover.de/holl/tmp/
> QGIS_user_guide.pdf. We'll continue to edit and get it ready for
> release, in the meantime please feel free to provide comment and
> content if you see something missing.
> Remember, anyone can contribute to QGIS, whether it be code
> contributions, bug fixes, bug reports, documentation, or simply
> supporting other users on the mailing lists and forums. Financial
> contributions to offset our server and hosting costs  are also welcome.
> Thanks to all
> - gary

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email+jabber: venturato a faunalia.it
Tel: (+39) 347-2770007 Tel+Fax: (+39) 0587-213742
Piazza Garibaldi 5 - 56025 Pontedera (PI), Italy

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