[Gfoss] MapServer & SLD (OGC)

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Mon Jul 17 18:49:30 CEST 2006

Fabio, la storia del WMS 1.3 mi è sempre sembrata strana.

guarda questo post che ho raccattato a giro:

There was a recent discussion about this topic on MAPSERVER-USERS. This
quote from Frank Wamerdam was enlightening vis-a-vis CRS/SRS issue:

"Certainly from my point of view, the substantial change in CRS  
handling in
WMS 1.3.0 is the big bugaboo.  Clients are required to pass values for
EPSG latlong CRSes with latitude first, instead of the traditional  
first.  But projected CRSes remain easting first.   Then there are new
families of CRS space with the old ordering.  This stuff can be  
if someone wants to pay for it, but I'm personally so pissed off at  
the WMS
RWG for this pointless churn that am unlikely to work on it for the joy
of supporting standards."

A couple of months ago I had a request from a client for a 1.3.0
compatible server. There are very, very few on the market (I think of
the ~150 OGC listed 1.1.1 servers, only 2(?) are presently in the
proceses of adopting 1.3.0. My client determined that, no they didn't
really need any of the new features of 1.3.0 and we dropped back to
1.1.1. All-in-all 1.3.0 is a bit of a nightmare...

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