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ivan marchesini marchesini at unipg.it
Wed Apr 19 11:43:00 CEST 2006

Ciao a tutti..
il problema ecw e liveCD incombe...
luca chiedeva: ce lo mettiamo il supporto ecw per gdal o no????
io ho trovato questo:

in cui Warmerdam dice:
TS: Can you tell us about prospects of free and open source readers for
MrSid and ECW What kind of issues are involved with integrating these

MrSID and ECW formats are both quite complex and proprietary. As such I
am dubious about true open source implementations of either formats
without the support of the companies owning the existing rights.
However, we have made excellent recent progress with getting support for
this formats in open source software using their not-entirely-free

TS: Is it even possible to produce open drivers for these formats or do
they have the IP locked down too tight?

There are likely to be patent issues with any independently developed
implementation of MrSID or ECW formats. But then patents can impinge
even on relatively open formats like JPEG2000 too. So for ECW and MrSID
we are essentially dependent on what the vendors are willing to provide.

In the case of ECW we have source code for the ECW SDK and this allows
us to port it freely. However, it comes with various strings attached,
including the onerous restriction about not being allowed to use it for
"servers". For MrSID, the strings seem less onerous, but we are only
provided with binary libraries, no source.

I would add I am trying to tread lightly in this area since ERMapper is
my primary sponsor. Unlike some folks in the OSGIS world, I still want
to maintain good working relationships with a lot of the commercial
software vendors so I try not to be too pedantic, especially in public.
I do work directly, and indirectly for many of the big names.

in sostanza penso che forse la libreria si possa usare... ma che
probabilmente non è bello mettere una libreria proprietaria in un livecd
contenete software libero (GPL per lo più)!!!

che ne pensate????

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